How to use VIN number lookup tool

The third character can determine the type of vehicle or the company. Depending on the manufacturer, the third symbol of the VIN-code can either point to a division of the company, and to describe the type of your vehicle. As a rule, this character encoding is something like “passenger car” or “truck.” However, he may specify the information that is “not fit” in country code – for example, that the machine is made “Honda Canada”.
Characters from the fourth to the eighth encode information about the types of components. All of this – the system description of the vehicle (“Vehicle Description System”, VDS). According to the manufacturer the special codes, these symbols encrypted information about the engine, transmission and more. BTW, here’s a great VIN number lookup tool capable to provide a bunch of car history records.

Technically, the ninth symbol of the VIN-code can also be attributed to the “VDS”. However, it only serves to confirm that you have a real VIN-code, rather than to describe a component of the car.

On the eleventh character you can find out what it is factory assembled your machine. Accordingly, if you are interested, then you already know where to look. Of course, first you have to find the rules of encoding information received from the manufacturer of your car, but this you will have already become accustomed. If that – see above.
The characters from the 12 th to the 17 th coded serial number or other information. Each manufacturer decides how and why to use the remaining characters. As a rule, the remaining 6 digits are the serial number of your car.

Some producers never repeated serial numbers, and some are beginning each year with 000001.
Symbols from the 10th to the 17th known as identification section of the vehicle (Vehicle Identification Section).

To quickly check to see if a fake VIN-code your car, get online calculator. You can search for such a service and specify there the full VIN-code your car. Remember to specify the code should be in capital letters.

The instructions below will be useful in case you want to know everything yourself.
Unscrupulous dealers often change stickers VIN-codes to conceal, for example, the fact that the machine is broken. Using the online services will help to expose a cheater – though not all (those that are smarter, will replace a sticker sticker machines of the same model). Finally, please do not forget to leave your comments. I promise to write more about vehicle numbers and plates next time.